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Jamie's Gear

Gear Specs

1) 24" x 18" Yamaha Oak Custom Kick Drum

2) 14" x 5.5" Gretsch Snare with Walnut Hoops

3) 10.5" x 6" Mapex Snare

4) 12" x 9" Yamaha Oak Custom Hi Tom

5) 16" x 16" Yamaha Oak Custom Floor Tom

6) 18" x 16" Yamaha Oak Custom Floor Tom

7) 14" Zildjian K Light Hi Hats

8) 16" Zildjian K Dark Crash Medium Thin

9) 18" Zildjian A Custom Projection Crash

Jamie also uses

ACS Custom PRO17 plugs

LD Systems In-Ear Monitoring System

ProMark 747 Hickory Wood Tip Drumsticks

Custom Percussion Throne

Pearl Eliminator Pedal Belt Drive P-2000B

Pearl Hardware

Pearl Joey Jordison Custom Snare

14" Zildjian New Beat Hi Hats

Samson 7 Peice Drum Mics

Zoom R16 Digital Recorder

Logic Pro X